Ongoing GPA Work 2020 

The GPA Partnership aims to coordinate ongoing work and lead collective action at the intersection of sustainable energy and humanitarian response. Current activities facilitated by the GPA Partnership in 2020 are based on our Strategic Workplan, and described in more detail below. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved in the GPA work, reach out to


  • UNHCR Clean Energy Challenge: In December 2019, during the Global Refugee Forum, and mirroring the Sustainable Development Goal 7 on access to Energy, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees issued an ambitious Clean Energy Challenge with a vision that: “All refugee settlements and nearby host communities will have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy by 2030.” Through the Challenge, an Action Group consisting of member states, hosting governments, UN agencies, implementing partners, the private sector and researchers/technical supporters, was formed to work together and deliver concrete action in the five components of the Challenge. The GPA Coordination Unit are the Secretariat for the Challenge, working to coordinate and facilitate sector wide, systematic action to enable clean energy access for displaced communities and sustainable application of energy infrastructure for community services (health clinics, water services, community facilities, marketplaces). If you would like to join the action, email the Challenge Secretariat by contacting Aimee Jenks and Christina Gkouvali ( and For further information, visit the Clean Energy Challenge webpage and see our update and call to action from June 2020


  • Learning opportunity, Humanitarian Energy Webinars: The GPA Coordination Unit and partners ICRC and Energypedia hosted a series of webinars that featuring different energy topics in humanitarian situations, including application of cleaner cooking solutions for displaced communities, application of renewable energy for community electrification, and green building design. See all six webinars and supporting resources on Energypedia, and stay tuned for more webinars in 2020. Online here


  • Sustainable Finance, decarbonising energy infrastructure in humanitarian response: A series of workshops with UN Agencies and the private sector was held during 2019 to understand what was holding the UN back from transitioning to renewable energy solutions. Several recommendations were made in the Workshops, of which two were identified as high priority. They relate to the development of: a standard set of contractual terms for PPAs and Lease Agreements; and a de-risking tool that would protect the capital investment of an Energy Service Company should the UN’s Termination Contractual Clause be triggered. The work on the standard set of contractual terms for PPAs and Lease Agreements, which was funded by GIZ and undertaken by Becker Büttner Held, on behalf of the GPA Coordination Unit, has been completed and can be downloaded from here. A third-party consultant is presently engaged in the development of a de-risking tool, as a result of financial support from Shell.



  • 2019 Humanitarian Energy Conference, Final Report: Last year, humanitarian energy practitioners joined the first Humanitarian Energy Conference to share experiences and advance collective sector knowledge. The full conference report is online here.  Discussions on the next sector conference are underway, aiming to convene practitioners at a follow up conference in 2021.


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