#COP27 Achieving Carbon Neutrality: UN Actions on Decarbonization and Energy Efficiency

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17th November 2022

14:15 - 15:30 Geneva time

Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt

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Event: Achieving Carbon Neutrality: UN Actions on Decarbonization and Energy Efficiency

Date: 17 Nov; 16:15 – 17:30 Egypt time

Partners: UNDP Green Energy, NORCAP

Pavilion: SDG Pavilion 

Registration link: https://unitar.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_fbPxN4QqTWqfifK5R9eHMw


Short description:

The session will bring together major UN entities and their partners to discuss fossil fuel dependency and energy efficiency. The discussions will also highlight how private sector investments in UN energy infrastructure are needed to achieve sector goals.

During this side event, the 20m USD Multi-Partner Trust Fund will be launched to decarbonize energy infrastructure in humanitarian contexts and other fragile settings by installing energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy systems using innovative PPP models.


Background and Context

n 2020, the UN System emitted approximately 1.5 million tonnes of CO2eq through its operations around the world. The six largest humanitarian organisations alone operate more than 11,000 combustion generators to produce electricity needed for public infrastructure, such as water pumping and health facilities. Many humanitarian organisations are aiming to act to achieve carbon neutral energy production on the ground.

During this meeting, a new 20 Million USD Multi-Partner Trust Fund will be introduced to allow country wide decarbonisation programs in humanitarian operations.

Along with the actions to solarize the infrastructure of the UN entities as a first step energy usage will be reduced to cut on costs and emissions. The implementation of efficient appliances and procedures can lower energy demand and costs immediately. This will also reduce the energy-provision requirements of renewable systems down the line, resulting in more efficient, cost-effective electricity provision. These measures will have additional positive impacts, such as the development of a vibrant renewable energy market in fragile areas, who are facing the burden of migration and the adverse effects of the climate crisis.

The side event will gather major UN entities and their partners to discuss needs, challenges, and opportunities to reduce fossil fuel dependency and improve energy efficiency. The discussions will introduce the new fund and how private sector investments in energy infrastructure across the UN are needed to achieve the sector’s goals.


Speakers (TBC):

  1. Norbert Gorißen, Deputy Special Envoy for International Climate Action in the Federal Foreign Office, Germany
  2. Amy Pope, Deputy Director General, International Organization for Migration
  3. Benedicte Giæver, Executive Director, NORCAP
  4. Gerald Demeules, Chief, Smart Infrastructure Services, UNDP
  5. Shaza Alrihawi, Chairwoman, Global Refugee-led Network (GRN)
  6. Brian Onyango, CEO/Founder of USAFI Green Energy
  7. Thomas Fohgrub, Strategic Lead of the GPA-CU, UNITAR

Moderated by: H.R.H. Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, Climate Envoy, The Netherlands. In-person

This session was funded with UK aid from the UK government via the THEA programme under the Transforming Energy Access programme.

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