Harmonized, standardized, high-quality and usable data on sustainable and safe energy for the humanitarian sector is produced, used and shared for planning, learning, monitoring and evaluation. High-quality data and usable evidence are critical in supporting the objectives of the GPA, which will require the following:

  • Accurate and effective monitoring of energy needs and interventions to produce highquality, accurate and relevant data as a basis for evidence building and evaluation to ensure access to sustainable and safe energy and addressing protection risks.
  • Relevant data to be collected, utilizing existing mobile platform tools when possible and avoiding additional administrative burdens.
  • Non-personalized data to be digitally shared openly between stakeholders. Where possible, data should be harmonized and standardized to enable comparison and to facilitate effective monitoring and evaluation.
  • Humanitarian and energy actors to learn from each other to ensure a holistic and effective approach.
  • Inclusive learning processes and evidence-based decision-making that place the voices and needs of displaced people at the heart of sustainable energy responses.

GPA’s work within this workstream:

Last updated: 27/03/2023