A Roadmap for Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Kenya

A Roadmap for Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Kenya

This report presents the status of sustainable energy access for displaced people, businesses, community facilities, and others living in displacement settings in Kenya. It provides an overview of the stakeholders working towards SDG 7, and highlights opportunities for high-impact projects to support increased access to sustainable energy for displaced people and host communities. 

This report – the first of three in the READS Programme’s first phase – was written in partnership with SNV and researchers from displacement backgrounds, leveraging their networks, expertise and lived experiences. 

There is huge potential to improve access to sustainable energy for displacement-affected communities in Kenya. National policies towards increasing the self-reliance of refugees and supporting host communities, and favourable policies towards sustainable energy projects, together offer a strong foundation for improving access to electricity and clean cooking solutions. Particularly in Kakuma and Kalobeyei, private sector engagement – supported by coordinated actions with humanitarian and development organisations, government partners, and the communities themselves – has demonstrated the potential for market-based programming.  

A Roadmap for Energy Access in Displacement Settings: Kenya presents seven high-impact project concepts to increase sustainable energy access with estimates of their potential reach, duration, budget, and scalability. The report also outlines a roadmap with short-, medium-- and long-term goals to scale up sustainable energy on the path towards achieving SDG7.  

Find out more about the READS Programme here.  


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Last updated: 17/10/2023

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