Leaving (really) no one behind: Energy Access in Fragile and Conflict Affected Areas

To bring attention to the energy needs in the fragile and conflict-affected communities, the GPA, IOM, and EPP organized an event at the HLDE Ministerial Thematic Forum in June 2021.

The discussion focused on policy, advocacy, and strategies for energy interventions, as well as the challenges and opportunities in collaborative approaches, which could also include UN peacekeeping in future solutions. The event tried to create momentum on this topic and facilitate the discussion during the UN High-level Dialogue on Energy. The organizers called on all relevant stakeholders to include displaced people in national energy access policies while humanitarian, development and peacebuilding organizations were urged to switch to sustainable energy solutions in their responses.



HLDE Ministerial Thematic Forum 2021

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Last updated: 05/07/2021

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