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Previous Events

HNPW 2022: Market-Based Approaches to Energy Access in Humanitarian Contexts

Join a technical session at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW).

Planning Energy-Livelihoods Interventions in Humanitarian Settings - Tools and Delivery Models

The webinar focuses on tools for planning energy-livelihoods interventions followed by a panel discussion on different delivery models. Examples and experiences from Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and India.


Understanding the Energy-Livelihoods Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities in Humanitarian settings

This webinar is the 1st session of a webinar series that focuses on the energy-livelihoods nexus in humanitarian contexts.


Green Shift Reports Launch

Interested in clean energy solutions in urban displacement? Blended finance solutions to include the private sector in the humanitarian work? Or, what about ensuring green and clean electronic waste management in humanitarian settings?

Spotlight Session on the Role of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR) in Climate Action and Displacement

The High-Level Officials Meeting (HLOM) will provide an opportunity for senior government officials and representatives of relevant stakeholder groups to take stock of progress made in achieving the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees, including t

Refugee Voices: Green Energy for Jobs

A refugee-led panel session moderated by refugee facilitators and the GPA, GIZ, and GRN


Webinar on Sustainable Energy for Small Businesses in Displacement Settings

This webinar brings several experts together to discuss trends and lessons learned from previous experiences, showcase opportunities of sustainable energy for micro-enterprises and explore demand for scaling up efforts on this topic.


Webinar: How to Integrate Renewable Energy Solutions into Humanitarian Response Planning?

The webinar series aims to share knowledge and good practices as well as technical tools on how to switch to renewable powered energy solutions in humanitarian settings.


Webinar: Cooking Energy in Displacement Settings – All Relevant Cooking Systems in a Word

Webinar on Safe and sustainable access to cooking energy in displacement settings.


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