Field Stories - Presenting Solutions to Improve Household Electricity Access

A series of three virtual presentations on field stories of implemented solutions to improve household electricity access in displacement settings

The sessions showcase the lessons learned and good practices from five implemented household electricity access projects, which will include:

  • Solar power plant and dispensers, Jordan;
  • Mini grid, Kenya;
  • Solar home system (SHS), Rwanda;
  • Solar lamp, solar products, Kenya; and
  • Combined Solar Home System and E-cooker, Uganda.

The sessions follow a similar structure by addressing project-specific attributes that led to the preferred solution. They aim to answer the question: why was this particular solution chosen to deliver energy access in this context? As such, the presentations :

  • Review what demand and supply requirements led to the chosen solution.
  • Describe the various aspects of the solution, including:
    • The technical aspects;
    • The partnerships (team) that were built to successfully deliver the project;
    • The subsidies and financing mechanisms that were used to deliver the desired price; and
    • The implemented electricity and revenue model.
  • Present outcomes and lessons learned in relation to livelihood, protection, sustainability and resilience.

In addition, in the third virtual session the GPA Coordination Unit, based on the conclusions from these projects, presents a pre-feasibility solutions simulation, which we would like to trial with partners.




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Session 2

Session 3

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Last updated: 18/08/2021

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